Thank you for making my entertaining extra easy and enjoyable!!!

Good Morning, Angela,

You were my godsend !! Everything was perfect !! And, I had a feeling it would be from our first conversation.

Everyone enjoyed the appetizers (shrimp shots, cheese truffles, fruit tray and prosciutto/melon bites). Not only did they look fabulous in different colors, shapes and textures, they were delicious. Made a great presentation and delicious to eat. One of the guests said she would place an order in the future for the shrimp shots.

We had about 20 guests, very few appetizers left over. The fruit tray was very fresh and beautiful.

Thank you so much for making my life easy. It’s been a pleasure to work with you, from your website and especially your personal touch. I appreciated your advice, and enjoyed meeting you in person. I did not expect your help in setting up, but I totally appreciated it.

You’re the best !! Wish you continued success and, if I ever need an help in the future, now I know where to go !!

Thank you so much for everything, for making my entertaining extra easy and enjoyable!!!

Lisa P.S. Loved your white chef jacket…the perfect look!!!!”

Lisa B.

Ocean City, NJ

Chef Angela is amazing!

My 60th birthday part was this past Friday.  My husband found Eat Your Heart Out Edibles and thought we should try.  We did, sight/taste unseen because her menu options were so interesting and the reviews from other clients were so positive.  Well I now certainly understand why.  Chef Angela is amazing!!! She delivered our food, gave us very easy, “paint by numbers” serving instructions and we were set.

We opted for an entire evening of appetizers versus a large meal.  Everything we put in front of our guests was met with “OMG” this is soooooo good.  After the third app was served, it became a joke of “This is my favorite”, then “Now, this one is my new favorite”.  The whole evening went like that till my guest were moaning that they could not eat another bite.  It was a terrific party with the food serving as the centerpiece!

We’ve already scheduled her for another party in November. Chef Angela is creative, talented, professional, not to mention down right darling! She is a keeper!!

Jane M Lemmon 

Malvern, PA

We were able to enjoy leisurely dinners each night 

We were ecstatic when our eight adult children and nine month old grand baby agreed to meet us at the beach for a long holiday weekend. However, when I started to think about dinner reservations that would satisfy two vegetarians, one kosher, one gluten-free, soy free, corn free and nut Allergen people….and a baby that had to be in her crib by 7:30 PM…and like I said it was a holiday weekend, I began to get very anxious.

Chef Angela to the rescue. She agreed to use my recipes, because I knew they were allergy free for my family and a proven hit with them as well.

I sent her my recipes and we reviewed them together, by phone. She was right on top of things as she continued to question ingredients and brands during her prep. She delivered them to our door right on time and it was a HUGE hit!

We were able to enjoy leisurely dinners each night and I didn’t have to spend all day in the kitchen. The guests loved the “homemade” experience but we got to enjoy the days together on the beach.

My only disappointment is that she doesn’t work closer to our home. But we will certainly use her again if we return to the area.


Gayle Becker 

Margate, NJ Visitor

Your delights were heaven!!

First off – YOUR DELIVERY MAN IS AMAZING!!!! What a great guy!!! Glad I had the pleasure of meeting him. Secondly, your delights were heaven!!! Every single one of them (the dessert shooters, truffles, cannolis, etc.) . I tasted one of everything and I was in heaven. There was one women at the party and the exact words out of her mouth were “it was almost a full orgasm.”

And I know all your business cards that were set out were taken!”

Monica S

Ventnor NJ

Great sensitivity to food preferences and tastes

Remembering how much I appreciated people bringing food after I had a baby, I wanted to do that for my daughter after she gave birth in February 2014.  As we live 300 miles apart, I did a web search for personal chef services in the Cherry Hill area and was delighted to find Eat Your Heart Out Edibles.  After talking with the warm and knowledgeable Chef Angela, I knew she would be the perfect choice.

My daughter reported that Angela was easy to work with and made delicious food, and Angela kept me on her email list.  When I read that she traveled to the Jersey Shore to prepare meals for clients, I contacted her about providing our family with meals during our second week on LBI.

After a number of communications with suggested meals and input from my daughter, we decided on five dinners.  Angela always responded quickly to emails, offered great ideas and showed great sensitivity to food preferences and tastes.  When she arrived at our beach house, I was amazed to see that she brings her own knives, tools and pots and pans along with ingredients for all of the meals.  She is incredibly organized and efficient, cleans up thoroughly and the aromas her cooking produces are fabulous.

The first night we had incredibly delicious Indian spiced beef and chicken skewers served with basmati rice prepared with mango and currants.  Other stand-outs among the other four meals were: fig, Gorgonzola, prosciutto-filled chicken breast, chilled Mediterranean orzo salad, Sriracha street style creamed corn, chilled gazpacho and assorted quesadillas.  As the portions are quite generous, we were able to enjoy many of the dinner items again for lunch.

If you’re thinking about hiring a personal chef, you should definitely consider Chef Angela!

Warmest best wishes,

Beth Gamel

A memorable four course dinner for two

My husband and I recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We decided to treat ourselves by having a chef come to our home and prepare an intimate dinner for two. I found Angela on the web and after looking over her website and menus, I knew I had found the right person for the job. We set everything up through a series of phone calls, texts and emails. She is always very prompt and professional, but most of all, she’s enthusiastic! Angela sent us several options for a memorable four course dinner. It was difficult to make our selections because everything sounded so wonderful…..and believe me, it was! Each course was equally outstanding, although I can see why the orange vinaigrette sea bass is so requested. After the meal, my kitchen was spotless. Overall, we had a fantastic night. Thank you Angela!

Karen and Steve Cohen