Six Foods that Hydrate Winter Skin

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As much as I love the winter months, I do NOT love dry skin. We all suffer from dry skin during the bitter-cold season, but try having to wash your hands about 800 times a day, and washing dishes about 500 times a day! Okay, I might be exaggerating a teeny tiny bit, but you… Read more »

A Valentine’s Day story to warm your heart

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Anyone who has been following me and my business probably thinks that Eat Your Heart Out Edibles (EYHOE) all started with some pie selling at Thanksgiving time. Now that it is Valentine’s Day, I started to reminisce back to my childhood days, when I used to have an annual neighborhood Valentine’s cake and cupcake sale…. Read more »

Are you ready for some football food?

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SUPER BOWL SUNDAY = FOOD!  Well, in my book anyway! LOL Who will you be rooting for, the Birds or the Patriots?! If you are in the Delaware Valley, you’d better be cheering the Eagles on! BUT, more importantly, what party food are you most excited for?! The wings, the pizza, the beer?! Well, I… Read more »

A Beautiful Chef’s Knife

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I come from a big extended family, on both my Dad and Mom’s sides; sadly, years will go by without seeing some of my relatives, especially cousins, and learning what they are up to. As unfortunate as it may be, on the flip side to that, after a few years have gone by without seeing… Read more »

Beating the Winter Blues with Food

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Now, I can’t say that this is an issue for me because I LOVEEEE the wintertime, but many people struggle with seasonal depression.  Oftentimes, at this time of the year, people become sad and depressed, as they slowly count the days to warmer weather and longer, brighter days.  Well, I can’t make spring come any… Read more »