The Truth about Coconut Milk

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Let’s get nutty…coco-nutty that is! All things coconut have been the rage in the past few years, especially in the Paleo and Whole 30 worlds. These coconut foods are great substitutes if you are avoiding certain food groups, whether it’s because of an allergy or an eating lifestyle. Avoiding soy? Use coconut aminos in your… Read more »

A Mashin’ Good Method

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Ok guys, I might be going down in the history books for this one.  And it actually all started with me disliking, no hating, no LOATHING to do something.  Mashed potatoes.  Delicious? Yes!  But really though, is there anyone in this world who actually enjoys peeling those stinkin’ potatoes?! EXACTLY!  No one wants to do… Read more »

Butternut Squash, Pumpkin’s forgotten sister…

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If you haven’t heard of or seen the movie Frozen then you most definitely have been living under a rock (or maybe even on another planet). Well, as much as I like this movie, there is one thing that bothers me. Anna doesn’t get enough recognition!! Everyone loves Elsa because she has the beautiful ice-blue… Read more »

No more rubbery meatballs!

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Being 100% Italian I know what a good meatball tastes like (my Momma makes the best!!) Have you ever had a “rubbery” meatball !? I know I have and they are the worst! Well here is the the secret to a good meatball: You are not looking for a protein packed “ball”, when meatballs originated… Read more »

“Herb” Wild – Wrapping it up

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So today is the last day of my “Herb” Wild series and instead of featuring one herb, I decided to feature a tip for ALL fresh herbs!! So here ya go, and I hope you enjoyed the “series”!  LOL Looking for a way to keep fresh herbs fresher, longer? Well, to keep them perkier longer, just… Read more »