Beating the Winter Blues with Food

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Now, I can’t say that this is an issue for me because I LOVEEEE the wintertime, but many people struggle with seasonal depression.  Oftentimes, at this time of the year, people become sad and depressed, as they slowly count the days to warmer weather and longer, brighter days.  Well, I can’t make spring come any… Read more »

Chestnuts Roasting Without an Open Fire?

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Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, everyone knows this classic Nat King Cole Christmas carol (one of my personal favs – The Christmas Song!), but does everyone know how to roast their own chestnuts…sans the open fire?! Well, I am not going to fib, but this is the first year that I have ever (GASP)… Read more »

Eight Master Baking Tips

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For many people, the holiday season means tons and tons of baking! I mean, how else are we going to gain those 10 lbs. that we will vow to lose come January 1st, if we don’t bake lots of tasty treats?! Believe it or not, cooking and baking are NOT the same thing. Just look… Read more »