Rolled Ice Cream

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I’m sure that anyone who has been following me long enough knows that I have a mild, okay an extreme, obsession with ice cream. So of course, I’m up to date on all of the latest ice cream discoveries. The followers in the tri-state area are probably familiar with the term “rolled ice cream” that,… Read more »

The Kitchen Tool I Can’t Live Without

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Everyone has that one tool that they HAVE to have to get the job done: like a plumber needs a plunger, hairdresser needs scissors, how a night out on the town needs red lipstick….well a cook day with me needs an immersion hand blender. I bet you thought I was going to say a great… Read more »

The Making of a Menu

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One might assume that creating a client’s menu is the easiest part of being a personal chef.  Wrong!.  It’s not as easy peasy as one might think – just slapping a variety of meals on a piece of paper and off it goes.  There is so much to take into consideration, and sometimes, making a… Read more »

Ten Things About Me

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As most of you know, this is my 8th year being in business. Over these eight years, my business has grown and I have had many hands helping me, for which I am super thankful. Despite this, I am still the face of the company. Sorry, guys. HAHA. I’ve actually contemplated the idea of making… Read more »

Lazy Woman’s Spanish Rice

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I once heard someone say “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep”. Well, although I am not an artist per se, I experienced the first part of this quote firsthand this past week. As usual, I was making a client’s meals for the week and one of the… Read more »