Rolled Ice Cream

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I’m sure that anyone who has been following me long enough knows that I have a mild, okay an extreme, obsession with ice cream. So of course, I’m up to date on all of the latest ice cream discoveries. The followers in the tri-state area are probably familiar with the term “rolled ice cream” that,… Read more »

Never Trust a Skinny Chef…Are You Kidding Me?

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“I was told to never trust a skinny (Italian) Chef!” You have NO idea how many times I have been told that! Or, I get “how can you be skinny AND be a good cook? Should we trust you?” When I first started hearing comments like those from potential clients, I did not know how… Read more »

How to shop like a Fashionista – Personal Chef Style

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So, there are a few things you should know about me….I love to cook and bake, some would say I am even decent at it. BUT I cannot brew a pot of GOOD coffee to save my life, thank the Lord for Keurig! I am obsessed with jewelry – the cheaper, more costumey, the better!… Read more »