Affording a personal chef is easier than you think

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I’ve often had people tell me that they can’t afford a personal chef. Or that they do not live an extravagant/hoity-toity life-style…like the rich and famous! HA! That always gets me…c’mon people, this is ME, just a gal who LOVES to cook, and in doing so, wants to make your life tastier and more convenient!… Read more »

Recipe of the Week: Chocolate Black Bean Brownie Smoothie

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I figured that after all the splurging on wings, beer and buffalo chicken dip that you (we) consumed during the Super Bowl, a healthy smoothie would be just the thing to start your week off on the right foot!   This is a decadent-tasting, but oh SO healthy smoothie, with black beans, spinach and kale… Read more »

Recipe of the Week: Creamy, No-Bake Butterfingers Pie

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I figured this would be a good time to share an easy, no-bake, dessert for Superbowl! This recipe is great because you can prepare it up to two days in advance, it is super affordable, and a real crowd pleaser! My Creamy Butterfingers Pie is fluffy, decadent, kid-friendly and just downright sinful! Enjoy! Creamy, No-Bake Butterfingers… Read more »

Recipe of the Week: Quick, Easy-Peasy Dinner Rolls

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This is my FAVE dinner roll recipe to date! I love this recipe because it does not take hours of proofing, kneading and a bread machine, which means I can prepare freshly baked rolls on site while cooking for a client!!! The result is a perfect fluffy, yet slightly dense, yeasty roll….and OMG your house will… Read more »

Recipe of the Week: Spice Blends

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Spice things up baby! Soooo instead of an entire recipe, I am going to share TWO recipes with you! Make your own seasoning blends that will most certainly save you money when dinner time rolls around, because most likely you have all the spices you need right in your cupboard to prepare the two most… Read more »