Review of The Clever Cutter

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Ok, we are all familiar with this scenario…you set out to make a homemade soup, stew, or any other veggie-packed dish, and then halfway through you are ready to quit and order a pizza because you are SO. OVER. CHOPPING. VEGETABLES. And if you don’t have the constant practice like me to speed up your… Read more »

Picking the best corn, pineapple and watermelon

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For me, summer is synonymous with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Even the most “I-hate-fruits-and-veggies-only-want-to-eat-french-fries-and-burgers” person can be caught eating a refreshing piece of watermelon in the heat of the summer. Friends and family have complained to me about picking the best produce, and in fact I have one friend (who shall remain nameless… Read more »

Diary of a Paleo Cleanse Survivor

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Hey, everyone! I am so honored that Chef Angela has allowed me to be a guest blogger this week. My name is Kelly, and I have been one of Angela’s best friends for 10 plus years. I am a mom, a teacher and a food lover. Angela has been a huge inspiration in my life… Read more »

Recipe of the Month: Sweet Cinnamon Cauliflower

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I know the title to this recipe may not be appealing to some (or all lol), but if you are like me, and have a huge sweet tooth, then you will do anything to satisfy it with healthy options, like cauliflower! Cauliflower is the most versatile veggie in my opinion, it can easily be disguised… Read more »