Broth or Stock? That is the Question!

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Brrrrr…It’s been feeling frigid the past few days.  And that makes me in the mood to make one thing. Soup.  As I thumbed through my archive of soup recipes, I noticed that some call for stock, and others call for broth.  This is something that most people probably don’t even think twice about.  They either… Read more »

Rice…Does it Matter if it’s Black or White?

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Michael Jackson might have said “it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white”, but what about when it comes to rice? Ok, ok…I’ll stop trying to sing and dance like MJ now. Especially his signature “hee-hee!” Side note – one thing I know for sure is, you do not want me to serenade your dinner… Read more »

Slow Cooker: Seriously Simple

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You come home from a long, exhausting day, and as usual, you are RAVENOUSLY HANGRY. You only had time to scarf down two bites of your lunch, and as for breakfast? You don’t even know what that is anymore. But then, you remember. The slow cooker…dinner is ready! Nothing is more magical than having a… Read more »

A Mashin’ Good Method

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Ok guys, I might be going down in the history books for this one.  And it actually all started with me disliking, no hating, no LOATHING to do something.  Mashed potatoes.  Delicious? Yes!  But really though, is there anyone in this world who actually enjoys peeling those stinkin’ potatoes?! EXACTLY!  No one wants to do… Read more »