Review of Grandma’s Birthday Dinner

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I’m so pleased to have another guest blogger, Instagram star Danielle @diningcondanielle.  Here’s what she had to say about a birthday dinner we recently catered for her family: My name is Danielle and I run the Instagram Food Blog @DiningConDanielle, so I am extremely passionate about all things food. My whole family is very into food,… Read more »

Review of The Clever Cutter

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Ok, we are all familiar with this scenario…you set out to make a homemade soup, stew, or any other veggie-packed dish, and then halfway through you are ready to quit and order a pizza because you are SO. OVER. CHOPPING. VEGETABLES. And if you don’t have the constant practice like me to speed up your… Read more »

Picking the best corn, pineapple and watermelon

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For me, summer is synonymous with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Even the most “I-hate-fruits-and-veggies-only-want-to-eat-french-fries-and-burgers” person can be caught eating a refreshing piece of watermelon in the heat of the summer. Friends and family have complained to me about picking the best produce, and in fact I have one friend (who shall remain nameless… Read more »

Diary of a Paleo Cleanse Survivor

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Hey, everyone! I am so honored that Chef Angela has allowed me to be a guest blogger this week. My name is Kelly, and I have been one of Angela’s best friends for 10 plus years. I am a mom, a teacher and a food lover. Angela has been a huge inspiration in my life… Read more »