The Case of the Coffee Creamer Dilemma

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S.O.S! I am need of some major HELP!  I know I’m technically supposed to be the expert here, being that I’m the personal chef, but I’m really in need of your help here.  I have been so utterly miserable with my coffee in the morning that – brace yourselves, coffee lovers – I haven’t even… Read more »

Is Fresh REALLY Always Best?

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Did I scare you with that title? Okay, well before you scroll past this post and delete me out of your life forever, hear me out. I’m all about fresh. Sleeping on a fresh set of sheets, is there anything better than that? A fresh bouquet of flowers is sooooooo much better than fake flowers,… Read more »

Recipe of the Month: Annie’s Protein Dip

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Okay guys, I need you to trust me here. This recipe is quite unique but I PROMISE you it is even more delicious! This little creation came about as I was cooking and had some extra chicken. I put my wizardry skills to work and, voilà!! I know this probably sounds totally cray cray as… Read more »

Organizing Your Organics

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Organic, organic, organic. How many times have you heard that word in the last ten years? How about the last five years? This word is so popular nowadays that food companies are slapping it on anything and everything, just to make you think you are eating something healthy. Buyers, beware of these tricky little fellas…. Read more »