How it Works

Ask Yourself These Questions:

Are you

  1. Too tired to figure out dinner after a long day?
  2. Too pressed for time for meal preparation, cleanup and leftover storage?
  3. Concerned that restaurant/take-out food isn’t nutritious enough?
  4. Considering a meal delivery service, but wondering about the quality of the meals?
  5. Looking for a special gift for a busy friend or relative?

Do you

  1. Want gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, Paleo or “whole food” meals and do not know where to turn?
  2. Need to lose weight or simply want to start eating healthier?
  3. Have a craving for a particular meal, or one of Mom’s specialties?
  4. Enjoy hosting dinner parties, but not the preparation, cooking and clean-up?

Yes?  Then call on me, Chef Angela, to save you time and effort while you

“Eat Hearty Without the Headache”

You Can Look Forward To:

  1. Delicious, freshly prepared, custom‐designed dinner menus
  2. Meals that go from fridge to table in minutes — and are not out of a take‐out container
  3. No more grocery shopping, menu planning, fast food or clean‐up
  4. More time for yourself and the people you love

How it works:

Many people confuse the term “private chef” — which is a live-in, 24-hour service —with “Personal Chef”. A personal chef visits your home to give you back hours of your precious time and a different, scrumptious meal each night of the week — without the mess or stress. I’m Chef Angela (you can call me Annie), and as your Personal Chef, I will do everything from menu planning and shopping to packaging and clean up.  Whichever service option you choose – in-home cooking or meal delivery – you’ll have the same customized meal plans. It’s easy as 1-2-3 until you are eating hearty!

1.  Assessment

First, complete your no-obligation, free assessment. Feel free to wear your fuzzy slippers while you complete my questionnaire to share your needs, likes and dislikes in food, including any special dietary restrictions.  Once I review your assessment, we set a cookdate.

2.  Planning Stage

Ready to go with an understanding of your tastes, wants and needs, I will perform the research necessary to prepare your custom menu.  Then I present you with a menu for your approval for the upcoming cookdate.  Feel free to make changes, you choose the meals you want.

3.  CookDate

On your chosen cookdate I do the grocery shopping, and then prepare the meals you’ve chosen, either in your home, where I will leave your kitchen clean and without a trace of my presence — except for a fridge full of fabulous food and a home with delicious aromas in the air — or in my commercial kitchen, to be packaged and delivered to your home.  Same quality meals, just different cooking location.

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