The Kitchen Tool I Can’t Live Without

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Everyone has that one tool that they HAVE to have to get the job done: like a plumber needs a plunger, hairdresser needs scissors, how a night out on the town needs red lipstick….well a cook day with me needs an immersion hand blender. I bet you thought I was going to say a great knife, or a meat thermometer…nope, for me it is my Kitchen Aid hand blender. I literally panic if I am on my way to a client’s and realize that I have left my hand blender behind.immersion blender

Kitchen on Wheels

At all times I have a full kitchen in the trunk of my car (minus the stove and oven lol), the only place the appliances go are from my car into my clients’ homes and back to my car again. I never take any of my cooking supplies into my own home….except for my beloved hand blender, I use it personally almost every day….oh jeez, that sounds a little weird doesn’t it?! What I mean is, I use it for my own smoothies, nightly homemade ice cream, etc.

Perfect for Pureeing

Anyway, you all need to get yourselves a hand blender – perfect for pureeing soups and sauces, great for all you grain-free/low carb/Paleo goers…there is nothing worse than being in the middle of a great cauliflower “rice” sauté only to find that the food processor missed a few florets – just grab the hand blender, give it whiz, and problem solved.

Fast and Easy

As I said, it’s perfect for smoothies/shakes and ice cream (hello sweet potato/banana ice cream!). My fav perk to using the immersion stick is that it is SO much faster and SO much easier to clean than having to deal with the many parts of a food processor (used for all the task I just described) – just one part to wash: the blade! I normally just squirt a dab of dish soap on it and spray the blade down with hot water from the sink shower head/sprayer, and boom, all clean! IF you do need to really get “in there” and clean around the blade, be careful, the blade is super sharp!

$30 Investment

For just under a $30 investment, this is by far one of my fav kitchen tools that not only helps to create many of my custom/unique dishes for my clients but for me “personally” as well.   Try one, you’ll see what I mean!

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