About Chef Angela

I grew up in the kitchen loving to bake and cook. My earliest, fondest memories are of baking chocolate chip cookies with my Mimi (Grandmom), selling Valentine’s Day cupcakes door-to-door, and making homemade pizza and pasta.  Young Chef Angela

My life has been full of many passions, but one that has held steady is my love of the kitchen. After my wallet was stolen and debit account hacked weeks before the 2009 holidays, my friends and family encouraged me to sell my dessert treats. That November I decided to sell some of my goodies for Thanksgiving. From Chocolate Chip Cookie Pies to Truffle platters, my attempt was a success! I sold 95 pies—I knew I was onto something.

Through word of mouth and setting up a website, my business started to grow. My desserts have been featured on the special Homestyle Classics menu of Tortilla Press, Collingswood NJ, and on the catering menus of both Tortilla Press, Collingswood and Tortilla Press Cantina, Merchantville NJ.

I realized that when I wanted to have fun or relieve stress, I would go to the kitchen to whip something up. From there, I sought how to turn my love of cooking and baking into a full-time career. Connecting with the American Personal & Private Chef Association showed me the way to take my business to the next level by becoming a certified Personal Chef. I am now a proud member of the Association.

Chef Angela Rose Capanna

My first client had been chronically ill for many years, and missed home cooking. She treated herself to a session with me, where I made Moussaka and Moroccan Chicken with Veggie Couscous. She was happy, and I was on my way! Since then, my clients have taken me on a culinary odyssey, as many of them have had special dietary needs. Through much research and reaching out to local experts, I’ve expanded my recipe box to include new techniques for tasty meals for almost every nutritional regimen…and I’m always on the lookout for more!

My repertoire continues to grow, as I was a participating chef for Real Food Works of Philadelphia, cooking healthy, mostly plant-based meals, presenting cooking demonstrations for The American Table of Collingswood, NJ, and conducting private in-home cooking demonstrations as well. I also am a proud participant in the Easter Seals life‐skills program, teaching developmentally delayed clients the “real life skill” and joy of cooking. Chef Angela Rose Capanna

While on this culinary odyssey, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know my clients and coming up with the right menus for their particular situations, being flexible and modifying recipes as needed. Of course we keep everything on a professional level, but I’m pleased to say that many of my clients have come to treat me like “one of the family”…and sometimes I even get to taste a bit of my own creations!

Now I am doing what I love and making a living…and you can eat your heart out!


Chef Angela is:

  1. A proud member of the American Personal & Private Chef Association
  2. Weight Watchers-Friendly and also cooks Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Auto-immune Friendly and “Whole Foods”
  3. Certified in ServSafe safe food handling
  4. Certified in the Wilton Method of Decorating
  5. A direct support person through Easter Seals of NJ